Skippy is a character on the animated television series The Tick.


Skippy was Charles' pet dog, but his habit of "chasing car driving towards him" ended up getting him hit, but Charles' created a robotic body for him and transplanted his brain, and the Skippy known today was born. He served as a gofer for Charles, "fetching" whatever machinery he needed for his inventions.

When he crashed into the wall in Charles' treehouse, he caused an explosion and his body was destroyed, but Charles managed to save him by putting his brain in a jar of fluid. When Charles turned Tick into a bird and attempted to auction him off, he revealed Skippy's new, upgraded body, but Skippy was quickly dealt with by Mad Nanny.


  • Flight: using a propeller in his neck, he can fly quickly through the sky. whether or not his new body has this ability is unknown.



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