The first season of The Tick. It aired on the Fox Kids block from September of 1994, to February of 1995 (with a two-month hiatus in between). The season was the series' most financially successful, though it still was not very financially successful.


No. Name Airdate
01 The Tick vs. The Idea Men September 10, 1994
02 The Tick vs. Chairface Chippendale September 17, 1994
03 The Tick vs. Dinosaur Neil September 24, 1994
04 The Tick vs. Mr. Mental October 1, 1994
05 The Tick vs. The Breadmaster October 8, 1994
06 The Tick vs. El Seed October 15, 1994
07 The Tick vs. The Tick October 22, 1994
08 The Tick vs. The Uncommon Cold October 29, 1994
09 The Tick vs. Brainchild November 5, 1994
10 The Tick vs. Pineapple Pokopo November 12, 1994
11 The Tick vs. The Mole Men November 19, 1994
12 The Tick vs. The Proto-Clown February 4, 1994
13 The Tick vs. Arthur's Bank Account February 11, 1994

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