Quote1 Bud laugh! Bud's friends laugh! Clown SMASH! Then CLOWN laugh! Huahahaha! Quote2

Proto-Clown is a character on the animated television series The Tick.


Proto-Clown was created by Bud Frontier in an attempt to create an army of super-clowns: clowns that would be bigger, and thusly funnier. Proto-Clown was the only surviving subject of his experiment, and he grew to be taller than a bus, and incredibly strong. But Proto-Clown had one enormous flaw: he hated being laughed at. So he went on a rampage, and wreaked havoc on The City. He fought Tick, and hit him into space with a bus, and he chased a group of superheroes, along with Bud, to a hideaway, where he eventually found them. He cornered them in the garage, and Bud gave himself up, if he would only say why he was so angry. After Bud discovered the truth, they made up, but his nose was honked on Bud's shoulder when they hugged, making them all laugh. Proto-Clown turned on them, but he was stopped by Tick, who crashed down to earth, more specifically right on top of Proto-Clown. Bud took Proto-Clown back to his lab, and what happened to him after that is unknown.

Powers and Abilities

  • Super-Strength: he was powerful enough to lift a bus with ease and use it to bat Tick into space.
  • Super-Durability: he could withstand being knocked through a brick wall by Tick.



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