Pat Musick is an American voice actress who portrayed many characters on the animated television series The Tick, most notably Sally Vacuum and the Bee Twins.

Some of her most notable roles include Tony Toponi in An American Tail, and subsequent spin-offs, Fluffy, Uranus and Charles on Duckman, and Janine Melnitz in Extreme Ghostbusters.


# Episode Role(s)
1 The Tick vs. The Idea Men Sally Vacuum
3 The Tick vs. Dinosaur Neil
5 The Tick vs. The Breadmaster
6 The Tick vs. El Seed Sally Vacuum, Bee Twins
13 The Tick vs. Arthur's Bank Account Sally Vacuum, Tuun-La
14 The Little Wooden Boy and the Belly of Love Sally Vacuum, Hilda
17 Coach Fussell's Lament Mad Nanny
19 Bloomsday Bee Twins
25 Tick vs. Reno, Nevada Fred

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