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Mighty Agrippa is a character on the animated television series The Tick.


Mighty Agrippa is a superhero from Deertown, who attended the Comet Club on the fateful night of the showdown between Tick and Barry over who would get to be called "The Tick". He also appears in the Heroes intro, arresting the Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight. He seems to be a nice, modest and shy guy.



  • In the comics, much more is known about him: He is a Roman god, and was the last to join the pantheon. When he arrived at Mount Olympus, all of the other gods were gone. He became a superhero, and took the alter ego of Dexter Fisk, mild-mannered plumber.
    • He also possessed some of the most impressive superpowers of any character. Not only did he have super-strength, but he was able to materialize water. Even enough at one time to create a sea next to The City, which became a tourist attraction.
    • He transformed into Agrippa from Dexter by tapping his grout towel, which is a parody of Thor, when he would strike his walking stick while under the guise of Sigurd Jarlson, and become Thor.


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