Quote1 It's wicked! Quote2
Charles reveling in its splendor

The Mega-Multi Devastator Cannon is a device that appears in the animated television series The Tick.


It was built by Charles as a way to enact mass evil, and he built it with various stolen technology, such as an unspecified machine piece from Turbo-Cyber-Dyno-Tronic-Research and Development Laboratories, and a microwave oven from Angry Hank's Technorama. It was destroyed when Charles tried to pull the moon into the earth, but Tick tricked his cyborg dog, Skippy into craching into the machinery on the walls of the treehouse that it was in. The device can animate inanimate objects, and force them to obey the user's will, and it functions as a super-powerful tractor beam, strong enough to pull the Moon our of its orbit.


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