Quote1 He's sitting in his tent like a guy from Chille! Quote2

The Human Ton is a character on the animated television series The Tick.


Human Ton's history before his first appearance is unknown. He was part of a team of supervillains assembled by The Terror, along with his cranky sock puppet, Handy. When Handy took issue with the Terror's position as leader of the team, and proposed a vote, he voted for Handy, and Handy won with three votes (Human Ton's, Handy's own, and the Man-eating Cow's). The team only carried out one mission, when they held Mayor Blank hostage at City City Hall. Tick, Arthur and American Maid arrived to stop them, and Handy and Human Ton fought Tick. They had the upper hand, when Arthur ripped Handy off of Human Ton's hand, and stomped on him repeatedly, causing Human Ton to scream and faint, and they were put away.

They returned when the Terror had used his son to find out the location of the Desire-O-Vac, and he recruited them to help fight off any potential superhero threats. They find it in a mine shaft, and are soon confronted by the Decency Squad. Handy and Human Ton are quite easily defeated, and locked away again.



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