Quote1 Fire me, boy! Quote2
Human Bullet's catchphrase

Human Bullet, AKA Mitch, is a character on the animated television series The Tick.


He has a history of ineffective attempts at heroism that often end the same way: a headache. He has been fired from his cannon twice in the series: in The Tick vs. The Idea Men and in The Tick vs. Dinosaur Neil. In his first attempt he only hit the City Dam and fell into the water, but in his second attempt he hit Dinosaur Neil in the stomach and caused him to regurgitate both Tick and the giant aspirin he was trying to feed Neil (long story). He later lent his cannon out to Tick when he needed it to stop the Breadmaster's giant, self-baking soufflé.

While he is a father and husband, he often has to abandon his duties as family man to launch into action. Although his son does fire him from his cannon, hence the quote "fire me, boy!". He also makes a cameo in the video game, crashing into the rooftop of a building that Tick is fighting on top of.


  • Helmet: he wears a bullet-shaped helmet to protect his head from the impact of his cannon.
  • Cannon: He has a giant cannon which he fills with explosive charges and has his son fire him out of.