Quote1 Okay, if you guys are so evil, why don'tcha just... eat this kitten! Quote2
Interrogating Tick and Arthur

The Forehead is a character on the animated television series The Tick.


He is one of Chairface Chippendale's henchmen, who stole the Geissman Lenses along with Boils and Zipperneck. He managed to escape, ulike the others, and deliver the lenses to Chairface. He was later seen at Charface's party, and identified an undercover American Maid, but was quickly knocked out.

He later appears in a club where various villains are hanging out. Tick and Arthur (who were, at the time, framed for a crime spree by Venus) arrive, and Forehead tells them to eat a kitten to prove that they're really evil. They refuse and Tick easily beats the villains. He also appears in the video game, playing a similar role to that of his first appearance. He is a recurring boss, and fights with a gun and bombs.



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