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Dot is a character on the animated television series The Tick.


Dot is Arthur's sister, and in an attempt to impress her, and convince her that his sidekick lifestyle is a good thing, he invited her to dinner, which he and Tick had to leave to fight and cure Neil, who had become a dinosaur. They were successful, and took him back to their apartment, where he and Dot immediately connected. She later tried to convince Arthur to make up with Tick, who he'd had a massive fight with, and kicked out of his apartment. She eventually married Neil, but their wedding was disrupted by a plot to turn Neil back into a dinosaur. She assisted in saving her husband, and they were married.


She is a very calm person, always showing little energy. She is very blunt and, and awkwardly humorless. As Arthur's sister, Dot seems to feel the need to take care of him, almost like his mother. So it goes without saying that Dot disapproved when she found out that Arthur was a superhero's (and a stupid one, at that) sidekick. Although she eventually got used to the idea, and warmed up to Tick.



  • She, like her brother, is Jewish, and has a rabbi for a father.


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