Quote1 Yup, *sigh*, I've been a sidekick for, oh, goin' on 46 years. Been all across this crazy, mixed-up country kickin' for a hero with a brain th' size of a walnut. And what have I got t' show for it? High blood-pressure, an artificial hip, and a case of the worms. But, man, I love it. Quote2

The Dog sidekick is a character on the animated television series The Tick.


He was one of the sidekicks in the Sidekicks Lounge on the fateful night that Tick and Arthur visited the Comet Club. He was inside when it was blown up, but was shown alive afterwards.


He, unlike the orangutan sidekick, enjoys the life of a sidekick, despite the many health issues it has brought him. He is friendly and benevolent, and generally passive.