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Crusading Chameleon is a character on the animated television series The Tick.


He first appeared patrolling The City, climbing along the side of Weiderspahn and Wong. He tried to stop the Idea Men's robbery of Rive Droite Savings and Loan, but his inability to match complicated patterns disabled him. He later assisted Arthur in his search for Tick, who was under the control of Mr. Mental at the time. He was largely ineffective over the episode, but he continued to try to help. He is frequently seen in Ben's Diner with Die Fledermaus and Sewer Urchin.

Powers and Abilities


  • Camouflage: he has the ability to blend in with his surroundings.
  • Acrobatic Skill: as seen in The Tick vs. The Idea Men, he can jump from wall to wall with relative ease.


  • Complicated Patterns: as spectacular as his powers are, he is unable to replicate such patterns as plaid or bricks.


  • Chameleon Suit: he wears a costume that resembles a anthropomorphic chameleon.
    • Wall-Climbing: the tips of his suit's fingers and toes are adhesive, allowing him to climb on vertical platforms.



  • In his first appearance, he referred to himself as the "Caped Chameleon", but later on in The Tick vs. Mr. Mental, he was referred to as Crusading Chameleon, which became his permanent name. The reasons for this are unknown.
  • He appears to be a parody of the Marvel Comics character Spider-Man.