All characters on the animated television series The Tick. Not including very minor, unnamed characters, like assorted "waiters".

Name Info
Amelia Charles' naïve sister and lab assistant.
American Maid One of The City's only competent superheroes, and a devoted patriot and government agent.
Angry Red Herring A fishmonger and jewel thief who wears a slippery fish suit that has machine guns for eyes.
Arthur The Tick's somewhat reluctant and level-headed best friend, sidekick and roommate.
Arthur (clone) A green, simple-minded, and somewhat monstrous clone of Arthur created by Thrakkorzog.
Arthur (robot) A robot created by Milo that incorporates the real Arthur's detached arms.
Barry A rich superhero wannabe and rival for the name of "The Tick".
Beautiful Steven A professional wrestler.
Bee Twins El Seed's followers and assistants.
Benjamin Franklin A brilliant and snarky inventor who is a member of the Fightin' Genius Time Commandos.
Bernard The leader of the Swiss Industrial Spies.
Betty An ant queen who attempted to fry humanity with a giant magnifying glass.
Big Shot A crazed, gun-toting vigilante.
Bi-Polar Bear A Bipolar superhero dressed as a polar bear.
Black & Blue A police-themed superhero who was inside the NSI building when Tick blew it up.
Blowhole A gigantic humanoid whale that occasionally emerges from the sea to run across North America.
Bob A Mole Person who is the secretary of mole defense.
Boils One of Chairface's henchmen with a dreadful complexion.
Breadmaster An evil baking genius who sought revenge on purveyors of mass-produced baked goods, as well as those whom he felt had wronged him.
Brain Pinhead Sally Vacuum's replacement on News 17.
Bud Frontier The scientist who created Proto-Clown.
Buttery Pat The Breadmaster's creation and henchman.
Captain Decency A geriatric, sleepy superhero from the golden age.
Captain Lemming A superhero who jumps off of ledges to save the day (though he sometimes has trouble landing).
Captain Mucilage A member of the Civic-Minded Five who shoots an adhesive substance from his gloves and helmet.
Captain Sanity He is a superhero psychiatrist with little actual psychiatric ability. It should also be noted that he is a head in a small life-support tank.
Carmelita Vatos Arthur's girlfriend and fellow Moth Suit-wearer.
Carpeted Man A member of the Civic-Minded Five who wears a carpet suit.
Chairface Chippendale One of The City's most dastardly and powerful villains. He is responsible for carving the "CHA" into the face of the Moon.
Charles (aka Brainchild) A young boy with genius-level intellect who replaced the top of his head with a glass dome, just so other people could see his brain.
Charles' father Charles' stern, yet loving, father.
Charles' mother Charles' all-too caring mother.
Chet The Human Bullet's friendly next-door neighbor.
City Baking College employee a member of the City Baking College staff.
Clark Oppenheimer A parody of Superman who just can't seem to catch a break.
Coach Fussell Charles' gym coach, whom he transformed into an ant.
Corduroy Cordoba A former airline pilot who bailed out of a plane the Deertown Aztecs little league team, and their coach. Cordoba is now night watchman at the Aztec City park.
Crease A wrinkle-faced criminal, and friend of Chairface's.
Crusading Chameleon One of The City's superheroes with limited chameleon-esque powers.
Crystal Member of Project: Shave, love interest of Jim Rage, and practiser of Liberal Arts.
Deadly Nose A criminal with a gun for a nose, and friend of Chairface's.
Dean (henchman) One of Chairface’s best henchmen, whom he received as a birthday present. Dean is said to possess "the strongest hands in the criminal world", and can grind a diamond into powder with just one hand.
Dean (City Baking College) The dean of the City Baking College.
Die Fledermaus An unreliable Batman-like superhero and would-be Casanova.
Dog sidekick A burnt-out sidekick and talking dog.
Doorman The doorman at the Comet Club.
Dot Arthur's sardonic sister and Neil's wife.
Dr. Bang A local pharmacist.
Dr. Think A mad scientist and parody of Dr. Strangelove.
Dr. Think's assistant The name says it all.
Dyna-Mole A criminal explosives expert who is one of Chairface's friends.
Earl McBain The owner of a The City-based toy store.
Earth Quaker One of the judges of the NSI's annual super contest.
El Flamingo A superhero from the comics who appears in the intro to Heroes.
El Seed A revolutionary leader and walking sunflower.
Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight A wildly insane wannabe-supervillain, who constantly tells stories of conversations with an unknown individual.
Eyebrows Mulligan A criminal with very long eyebrows, and friend of Chairface's.
Facts at 5 anchor An anchor for a news station of unknown origin.
Feral Boy A wild kid and member of the Civic-Minded Five.
Fiery Flame One of the judges of the NSI's annual super contest.
Fishboy A timid superhero from Deertown.
Fin An evil, genius dolphin. AKA Mr. Smarty-Pants.
Forehead A criminal with a massive forehead and New York accent, and henchman/friend of Chairface's.
Four-Legged Man The quadrupedal leader of the Civic-Minded Five.
Franz One of the members of the Swiss Industrial Spies.
Fred A vibrant "enter-trainer" who performs with her brother Soren in Reno, Nevada.
George Washington Carver A famous botanist best known for creating the peanut, and member of the Fightin' Genius Time Commandos.
Giant snake A figment of Tick's imagination and part of his spiritual journey.
Guy with Ears Like Little Raisins A tiny-eared criminal and friend of Chairface.
Handy A loud-mouthed sock puppet who leads a team of villains.
Harriet Curse A pencil-thin criminal and friend of Chairface.
Harry Arthur and Dot's Jewish father.
Headless Henderson A criminal without a head, who is a friend of Chairface.
Hey Leader The ruler of the Hey empire.
Hilda A member of the Swiss Industrial Spies.
Holly Go-Lovely Kung Fu expert and member of Project: Shave.
Hooks Henderson Chairface's servant and ally.
Human Baboon A ferocious professional wrestler.
Human Bullet A superhero who fights villains by firing himself at them with a giant cannon.
Human Bullet's son The young son of the superhero, the Human Bullet, who can usually be seen operating his father's giant cannon.
Human Bullet's wife The exasperated wife of the Human Bullet.
Human Doll A golden-age superhero with Russian nesting doll superpowers.
Human Ton A morbidly obese, dimwitted supervillain who believes his hand puppet is alive.
Idea Men A group of average Joes who commit crimes because they don't like working.
J.J. Eureka Vatos An eccentric scientist who created the Moth Suit.
Jack Tuber A Mr. Potato-Head-based criminal, and friend of Chairface.
Jeff A cranky crop duster renter.
Jet Valkyrie A sarcastic superheroine from Deertown.
Jet Viking Jet Valkyrie's son, who was in the NSI building when Tick blew it up.
Jim Rage The crazed and obsessed leader of Project: Shave.
Johann Gutenberg The famous inventor of the printing press.
Johnny Omega A sidekick that was in the Sidekicks Lounge when it was destroyed.
Johnny Polite Captain Decency's nifty sidekick and member of the Decency Squad.
Joseph Stalin A deceased communist leader and old friend of the Terror.
Jungle Janet An Amazonian heroine and member of the Civic-Minded Five.
Kitty Zangatu Member of Project: Shave, and expert in Ninjutsu, demolitions, and electrolysis.
Klaus A member of the Swiss Industrial Spies.
Larry The government treasurer of the Mole People.
Lava Man A subterranean mercenary and enemy of the Mole People.
Leonardo da Vinci A famous historical inventor and the leader of the Fightin' Time Commandos.
Mad Nanny An ordinary nanny brainwashed by Charles into becoming a villain.
Man-Eating Cow A cow that supposedly eats people. She doesn't seem terribly evil, though.
Mayor Blank The cowardly mayor of The City.
Mighty Agrippa The "Roman god of the aqueduct", and a superhero from Deertown.
Milkie A milk mascot who offered Tick free milk.
Milo Venus' husband and henchman. He is also a skilled inventor.
Minda Mr. Mental's blasé former assistant, now a blasé receptionist.
Mindy Moleford A Human-Mole Person hybrid who is a former supermodel, and current wife of the Mole King.
Mole King The king of the Mole People, and husband of Mindy Moleford.
Mongol leader A Mongol brought to the '90s by the Mother of Invention to serve as leader of his group of Mongol henchmen.
Mother of Invention A whiny villain who sought to eliminate history's greatest inventors and steal their ideas.
Mr. Mental A mentalist and hypnotist who uses his abilities for evil purposes.
Mr. Weiderspahn Arthur's former boss.
Multiple Santa An average robber who received the power to multiply himself.
National Guard general An irate general who's been called into The City on multiple occasions.
Neil A paleontologist/tour guide who became a Tyrannosaurus rex-like dinosaur (twice!), and married Dot.
Octo Paganini A European supervillain with six arms who once tried to take over Belgium.
Octo Raymond A villainous conductor of an aquatic orchestra.
Orangutan sidekick A cranky, fed-up sidekick and talking orangutan.
Omnipotus A humongous, space-faring villain who eats planets. However, he's not entirely evil; mostly just lonely.
Ottoman Empress A villainess who controls furniture, and briefly fell in love with Die Fledermaus.
Paul Mindy Moleford's possessive former publicist.
Pigleg (aka The Deadly Bulb) A reformed light bulb-themed supervillain who has a living pig in place of his lower left leg.
Pineapple Air steward One of Pineapple Pokopo's henchmen.
Pineapple Pokopo The ruthless ruler of Pokoponesia, and would-be conqueror of Hawaii.
Plunger Man An ordinary plumber who happened to defeat Venus twice.
Poodle superheroine A superheroine dressed like a poodle, who carries the Poodle Gun.
Portuguese Man-O-War A jellyfish-themed superhero.
Professor Akiko Ichibana A botanist and guardian of the 400-Year Bloom.
Professor Chromedome A German mad scientist, and Chairface's right-hand-man.
Proto-Clown Created to be the ultimate clown, but he went on a destructive rampage after being laughed at.
Rosebud El Seed's brutish plant henchman.
Royal Pineapple concierge One of Pineapple Pokopo's henchmen.
Rubber Justice One of the judges of the NSI's annual super contest.
Ruth Arthur and Dot's Jewish mother.
Sally Vacuum Former reporter and news anchor for News 17.
Saplings A group of joyriding, sentient saplings.
Santa Claus The compulsively jolly, gift-giving guy in red, who comes every Christmas to do his thing.
Sewer Urchin Above the ground he's a mediocre superhero and a friend to Tick and Arthur, but in the sewers he's revered as king.
Sgt. Doodlehead The City's anger-prone police sergeant.
Shiela Eel A slippery villainess and friend of Chairface.
Skippy Charles' cyborg dog, with his brain being the only living component.
Socket One of the Deadly Bulb's (See "Pigleg") henchmen.
Soren A vibrant "enter-trainer" who performs with his sister Fred in Reno, Nevada.
Speak Tick's pet capybara (although he thinks Speak is a dog).
Stalingrad A former grad student who based his supervillain motif on Joseph Stalin.
Stuart An acquaintance of the Tick and Arthur who owned a grocery store, which was destroyed by the Breadmaster.
Sub-Human A WWII-era supervillain with a miniature submarine on his head.
Suffrajet The female member of the Golden Age superhero team, the Decency Squad.
Taft A parody of '70s movie character Taft.
Terror A legendary Golden Age supervillain who's returned from hiding to plague the Tick.
Terry The Terror's neglected son.
The-Guy-That-Looks-Just-Like-Peter-Lorre One of Chairface's friends and party guests.
Thomas Edison A famous, deaf inventor, and member of the Fightin' Genius Time Commandos.
Thrakkorzog A malevolent, yet well-spoken, alien from another dimension.
Thrakkorzog's roommate The mellow, shaggy former roommate of Thrakkorzog.
Tick The big, blue, nigh-invulnerable, lovable star of the show, and The City's protector.
Tick (clone) Tick's gooey clone created from his used tissue.
Tick (robot) A robot created by Milo with Tick's real, detached arms.
Tick midgets A group of ankle biters that exist within Tick's mind.
Todd Mole Person Minister of the Exterior.
Torso Porcupine A superhero that can protrude and shoot spikes from his body.
Tunn-La A cruel alien bent on world destruction.
Venus A curvaceous villainess who can control men's minds.
Visual Eye A member of the Decency Squad with the ability to shoot his eyes from their sockets.
Wally Head Leader of the Deertown Aztecs, and ex-boyfriend of Carmelita.
Watt One of the Deadly Bulb's (See "Pigleg") henchmen.
What Translator Interpreter of the What ship that retrieves Tick and Arthur to help them stop the Heys.
Wheel A cavewoman who invented the wheel, and member of the Fightin' Genius Time Commandos.
Whirling Scottish Devil A rowdy villain who spins so fast he creates a small tornado.
Yank A cranky, temporarily-brilliant monkey sent into space, who landed in Pokoponesia.
Zipperneck One of Chairface's henchmen with a zipper... on his neck.