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Carmelita Vatos is a character on the animated television series The Tick.


She is the daughter of J.J. Eureka Vatos, and wears one of his Moth Suits used for flying. At one point she dated Wally Head, but she broke up with him. After her father went missing, and his secrets were pursued by Swiss criminals, she came to find the owner of the other Moth Suit, Arthur. She discovered that she had romantic feelings for him, and they would have dinner one night, and be attacked by the Swiss. Tick arrived to defeat them, but they were all soon swallowed by Blowhole, a giant, anthropomorphic whale, who was running across the USA. They discovered Dr. Vatos inside, and used Tick's inanimate friend, Little Wooden Boy, as firewood to smoke themselves out.

She later encountered Wally again, who had captured Arthur, and sought to reclaim Carmelita's love. However, with the help of Tick, they escaped. She was present at the Science Fair, where her father displayed his new Mind Transfer device. The event was disrupted by some of Chairface Chippendale's goons, who switched many of the attendees' bodies, and stole the device for Chairface, who desired Tick's body. Tick managed to reclaim the device, and put everyone's minds in their correct bodies. Arthur, who had been building up the courage to kiss Carmelita, did indeed kiss her, but only her body, and Tick was inside. But she did receive a kiss by the end of the episode.


  • Moth Suit: like Arthur, she uses a seemingly-motored Moth Suit to fly.



  • Her first name is of Hebrew origin, and means garden or vineyard. Her last name appears to be Greek, or at least most widely seen in Greece, based on immigration records.


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