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Buttery Pat is a character on the animated television series The Tick.


Pat is a creation of the Breadmaster, and is his loyal henchman. He aided in his bombing spree by planting the Bread Bombs. He joined him on his trip to retrieve the large quantities of baking ingredients, and helped him to make his self-baking soufflé in the City Municipal Swimming Pool. He was caught by Tick, and locked away in prison. He later came along when Chairface Chippendale brought together the Breadmaster and El Seed to ruin Dot and Neil's wedding. He didn't do anything to help, but he made a connection with the Bee Twins. And in his final appearance, he helped Breadmaster within his Gingerbread Tank by loading the cannon.

Powers and Abilities

  • Butter Physiology: Pat's body seems to be made of butter, and yields all the possible adventages and side-effects.
    • Butter Projection: he has the ability to shoot butter from his hands. Whether in a powerful stream or just a trickle to grease a pan.
    • Self-Regeneration: as seen above, he projects butter, but he never loses any of his body mass.