Quote1 I mean, look. They're funny. They make people laugh. Face it, we all love clowns. I reasoned that if a regular clown were funny, then a larger clown would be even funnier. And a whole theme park full of giant clowns... now THAT would be funny. Quote2

Bud Frontier is a character on the animated television series The Tick.


Ever since his childhood, Bud loved clowns. They were his favorite part of the circus. As an adult, he decided to use his bioengineering ability to create an army of giant clowns, believing that if they were bigger they would be funnier. He was successful, but only one of them survived: the Proto-Clown. But Proto-Clown had one fatal defect: he hated to be laughed at, only Bud didn't know this. The primitive, yet extremely strong creature went on a rampage in The City. In order to stop the destruction, American Maid tracked Bud down (or he found her). He, American Maid and a group of other superheroes escaped Proto-Clown after he knocked the Tick into space. They retreated to the HQ of the Civic-Minded Five, but Proto-Clown quickly tracked them down. He cornered them in the garage, and Bud gave himself up, if he would only say why he was angry. Once he found out, they came to an understanding, but when they hugged, Proto-Clown's nose was honked by accident, causing everyone to laugh. But before Proto-Clown could smash them all, Tick fell down from space and crashed right into him. A remorseful Bud took him back to his lab, saying that the first thing he would do was try to remove the nose.