Quote1 Is this the Whitebread Baking Company? This is the Breadmaster, with a question: have you no shame!? Have you no decency!? Have you no pride!? Can you not cry for the millions victimized by your BARBARISM!? Because of you, the public masses know nothing of REAL bread! Oh, yes, I've sampled that pallid, flavorless sponge you peddle! It sticks fast to the roof of my mouth! It rolls eagerly between thumb and forefinger into hard, tasteless pearls. YES! I want to register a complaint: your bread is a disgrace! Hear me, perpetrators of "bread crime", your punishment is at hand! Quote2

The Breadmaster is a character on the animated television series The Tick.

==History Extremely creative and innovative, the Breadmaster was a baker unlike any other. But he used his talents for evil, and was expelled from the City Baking College. He swore revenge, and he and his creation, Buttery Pat, would take it. He orchestrated a wave of bombings using his expanding loaves, having Pat sneak into his next target and plant them. He acted both on revenge and on principle, attacking establishments that produced bread-products he deemed sub-standard. His plans were foiled, however, by the Tick, and he was sent to prison.

He was later contacted for assistance by Chairface Chippendale, who orchestrated a plan to ruin the wedding of Dot and Neil, but his plot was stopped once again by Tick. In his final appearance, he masterminded yet another crime wave, this time having living gingerbread cookies carry out his plans. He confronted the heroes who were hunting him down in a Gingerbead tank, which could shoot quick-drying icing and éclairs, but he was stopped by Arthur and foreign-exchange-superhero Éclair.


  • Culinary Genius: his bread weapons are not only deadly, but delicious at that. He was able to produce dinner rolls that acted like grenades (see Paraphernalia). He even created life in both Buttery Pat and a muffin that stole the City Baking College's Dean's car.


  • Bread Explosives: he invented various bread items that would destroy everything around them by expanding to varying sizes.
    • Dinner Roll Grenades: his dinner rolls would act as grenades, expanding when a piece was bitten off.
    • Bread Bombs (Loaves): his loaves of bread would expand to the size of a large building, even including a timer to activate.



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