Quote1 You stole my superhero name, parasite! I... Am... THE TICK! Quote2

Barry is a character on the animated television series The Tick.


The rich brother-in-law of the owner of the Comet Club, Barry fancies himself a superhero, but does nothing to earn the title. He can come and go from the club whenever he wants, and make trouble. Until one night when he learned that the Tick was attending the club, and with Barry's "superhero" identity being "the Tick", he was furious. But Tick humiliated Barry, and won the right to the name.


He is extremely temperamental, and emotionally unstable. He behaves very similarly to a spoiled, entitled child, most likely linked to his wealth. He is determined to get what he wants, and appears to hold himself on a higher level than others.


  • Shield: his shield has a "kinetic generator" which amplifies its power to crush things.



  • In Ben Edlund's comic book, his full name was given as "Barry Hubris", but he is only referred to as Barry in the series.


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