Arthur's apartment building is a location on the animated television series The Tick.


It is the home of Arthur, Tick and Thrakkorzog's roommate, and the former home of Thrakkorzog. The apartments are quite large, but they seem to be unfurnished, as the furniture differs greatly between them, and the rooms are different colors depending on the apartment (Thrakkorzog's living room is pink, while Arthur's is green). It features a communal laundry room, and its residents had their clothes on the roof. The letter at the end of the room number may denote the floor, as both Thrakkorzog and Arthur have rooms with "B" on the end, and they both live (lived, for Thrakkorzog, as he's returned to Dimension 14B) on the second floor.



  • In the tie-in guidebook to the series, Mighty Blue Justice, its address is revealed to be 113 Eden Street.


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