Quote1 Not in the face! Not in the face! Quote2
Arthur's battle cry

Arthur is a main character on the animated television series The Tick.


Arthur was an ordinary accountant, living a boring life he got no pleasure out of, until he found J.J. Eureka Vatos' Moth suit, wearing it constantly, which caused him to be fired from his job at Weiderspahn and Wong. Fortunately for Arthur, as he was walking home that day, the Tick fell hundreds of feet onto the pavement in front of him, and their partnership/friendship began.


Arthur is, for the most part, an average joe. He does his best to tolerate Tick's antics, although sometimes it becomes too much, causing Arthur to explode, the most notable instance being in the episode The Tick vs. Arthur's Bank Account, in which Tick buys so much superhero equipment that Arthur's credit cards are cut off, prompting Arthur to kick Tick out of his apartment.

And while Arthur may be a somewhat reluctant sidekick, when he was an account, he aspider to greater things, and adventures (although superheroism seems to have taken its toll, and Arthur quickly became a reluctant realist), and a quick thinker, often being the one to come up with a plan to stop the villain. Arthur has a somewhat fatherly relationship with Tick, often exasperated with him, telling him off when he makes a mistake, yet still loving and mostly sensitive with his feelings.


  • Moth Suit: he constantly wears his white moth suit (which often gets confused for a "bunny suit").
    • Flight: using his suit's detachable wings (that he keeps in his briefcase) he can fly (although not at very impressive speeds).



  • In original Tick comic, Arthur was much more overweight.
    • However, in the series Tick and Arthur, his design was modified to that of the animated series.
  • Arthur is one of the two characters that appear in every episode, along with Tick.
  • He is Jewish, and his father is a rabbi.
  • Ben Edlund has compared he and Tick's relationship to that of famous cartoon characters Rocky and Bullwinkle (Tick obviously being the Bullwinkle, and Arthur the Rocky).


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